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Amenities for Hospitality

Project development and manufacture according to the specific needs of each client.


Amenities for Hospital Hospitality

The Ecco Brasil meets the main hospitals, clinics and hospitals in Brazil, mounting kits that meet the standard of quality and hygiene.



Preferred by the guests, the lines of Ecco Brasil are ultra-modern amenities with a selection of boutique products packaging.



Elected as brand preferred by hoteliers in the category of cosmetics and amenities, the Ecco Brasil excels once again won the prize of HospVIP Hospitality Hospital.

Eco One

Eco One

Again, demonstrating his concern with environmental preservation, Ecco Brasil adds the packaging of products Eco One.

ecco quality program

Ecco Quality Program

Promotes environmental education to report on non-recyclable and recyclable material. Learn how to participate!



The Ecco Brasil caring for the environment, had the pioneering initiative to raise awareness to everyone through a weekly newsletter.

catálogo 2011


Creating original cosmetics, memorable type, color palette, the curve of the bottle, textures and materials. Check out our products!

Eco One

Again demonstrating his concern with environmental preservation, packaging added the Eco One.

Ecco Brasil

The Ecco Brasil is an industry specializing in the manufacture of toiletries and amenities for the hospitality industry.

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