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Eco One

Again demonstrating his concern with environmental preservation and always attentive to new technologies, Ecco Brasil adds the packaging of their products Eco One The plastic containers made with the addition of Eco-One completely biodegrade in less than 5 years when exposed to environmental microbial anaerobic (without oxygen), and in less than two years in environmental microbial aerobic (with oxygen).

The Eco-One is made up of organic compounds which, when added in the polymer chain of plastic, attract micro-organisms, when placed in an active microbial environment such as in the dumps and landfills, where fungi and bacteria form colonies decomposition promoting the biodegradation of the material. Soon these plastics will become humus and CH4.

Another favorable feature of the Eco-One is that it does not interfere with recycling processes.

Our products Biodegradable and Degradable confirm once again the Social and Environmental Responsibility we prioritize in our products for Hospitality.

Eco One

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